Kala Kouture Brand Affiliate Program 2023


Make money from your content with Kala Kouture Brand Ambassador/Affiliate Program

As a member of the Kala Kouture's Brand Ambassador/Affiliate  you are a person who provides recommendations of fashion products to your followers social media. 

How it works! 
• Submit a contact form with your social media handle's explaining why you would like to be a brand affiliate with us! 

How do I qualify?

Anyone is welcome to be an affiliate with us! 
followers and likes don’t matter! All you need is a TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook account that you post consistently on. 

How much will I earn?

You can start earning commission when your followers make qualifying purchases via your affiliate code, an/or using your name in the note section of their order, letting us know your the reason they purchased! The amount you earn is 5% of the order price (shipping not included).

Can my commission increase?

Absolutely! Once you reach 7+ orders within 30 days of being a brand affiliate with us your commission will increase to 8% commission per order that comes through you from your following, family, and friends that use your code or leaves a note with their order with your name. 

What you get from us?

You can be an starting affiliate with Kala Kouture which means 5% commission,(CASH) for every order we get that’s from people who shopped with us because of you! 

It is mandatory for our brand affiliates to get three orders a month with their unique code we give them. Once you reach three orders a month we will send you free products to review and promote for us on your page! If you do not reach three orders a month we will review your page again and discuss different options for you to be an brand affiliate with us! We love partnering with creatives and our customers so other options will be available! 

Once you get 7 or more orders under your unique code within one month with us, then you will get 8% commission for every order after that, to get to 8% commission you would have to get to at least 10 orders within 1 month of starting your affiliation with us. 

The impact of being an affiliate with Kala Kouture

1. Being yourself. We encourage our customers + partners to be bold, confident, and have fun! 
2. You will be supporting a company that supports helping marginalized communities. Being a female, black business owner I know how hard it is to get get financial support from banks, investors, and having access to capital. Kala Kouture is moving forward to reach young black woman around the U.S to equip, encourage, and support them in starting their new business and helping them to thrive in business on social media. With you becoming a brand affiliate you're supporting that as well! 

We are committed to investing access to our business resources for free every quarter into helping a black woman start her online business with free access to suppliers, inventory, strategic marketing, and help with website set up to get her company going! 

So not only does your affiliation bless us, but it also blesses another black woman. 

Get started today by submitting your contact form! All we need is your social media handles to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, and why you want to be a brand affiliate for Kala Kouture.

Someone from our team will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours of your submission.  Thank you so much for your interest! We hope to work with you soon!

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