About K & K

KalaKouture is inspired by past & present trendy fashions that are unique, and also by fashion designers on social media!

If you see a design on our website that is inspired by another company, let us know there name so we can promote their brand in the description of the product we have that is inspired by them.  We take pride in supporting other brands, while giving them credit were its due! 

We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, our top three beliefs are to God First, always making the customer top priority, and to give back to those who need; you can give back in many different ways, not just money wise.

In case your wondering my real name is Markala (Mar-Kay-La) and I decided to open up my own online fashion company online because of how much I love clothing styles that are unique, yet affordable. The cycle of fashion always inspired me to be creative within my own way with my outfits. Throughout middle school & high school my peers always ask me about the clothes I wear and my style. It all started with the name Kalakakez (Kay-La Cakes), I know weird, but I loved it, I got this name from my old school in VA because everyone used to have funny nicknames and this was mine for short so it just stuck. Little did I know this name would be used for many different ventures in the future. I grew up in a small town called Chase City, I'm pretty sure you've never heard of it, it was so small everyone knew each other. I found my creativity when I went to middle school because I noticed that I dressed different from everybody(Thanks Grandma) and I acted totally different from the other kids around me. At the end of middle school we moved to North Carolina. I was upset because I was not in my comfort zone anymore, we were in a HUGE TOWN compared to back at home. My freshmen through senior year all of my peers would comment on how my style, outfits, and accessories were so different and creative. Even though barely any of my outfits would match, it all flowed together nicely.

My dream is to help kids, teens, and adults, all different ages and sizes to be comfortable in their body, no matter what size or style of clothing they want to wear; and to not give up on their dreams. YOU have the power to be the best you can be, keep God 1ST then follow your dreams. The only person that can stop YOU is YOU

Instagram: @kalakouture  

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Please allow 24-48 hours before a response from us.

Email: orders@kalakouture.com