About Us

Kala Kouture is a on trend fashion boutique that sells clothing for all of the girlies that want to look bomb without breaking the bank! We got you sis! Kala Kouture is owned by Markala Tucker. A young entrepreneur who started Kala Kouture as a side hustle in high school. The key reason she started Kala Kouture was so express herself through fashion and make a statement. That statement is to be bold, be kind, and to BE-YOU-TI-FUL. Beauty is within, which no clothing, no trend, can EVER take away!  

A lot of our photos are outfit inspiration post from social media that represent the styles we sell! We make it easy to find your favorite outfit inspo sis and stay on trend, with items that never go out of style!

We know that its important to be able to see yourself in the fit sis so we have example photos to help you with when purchasing from us so you make the right choice! We do not take credit nor any ownership for any photos on our website, they're influencers and viral fashion posts that represent the product.

Since starting in 2016

Markala has grown Kala Kouture into a multi 6 figure boutique that reaches people all around the world in inspiring people to be authentic self. Since becoming a multi-6 figure boutique owner she teaches young black women with limited resources how to start their own online boutique with coaching and classes. 

Kala Kouture now every quarter donates 10% of their earnings to helping a young black woman start her online business with free access to courses, an 1:1 coaching, and knowledge needed to have an successful online clothing boutique. 

 Want to support this? You can help by becoming a brand affiliate! IT'S FREE! 

Link to sign up: https://www.kalakouture.com/pages/brand-affiliate-program

Instagram: @kalakouture  

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Please allow 24-48 hours before a response from us.

Customer Service: orders@kalakouture.com